Monday, April 21, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa

This post is dedicated to grandma and grandpa Dunkel (a.k.a. Poppo). Little P has not started saying "grandma" yet, but I think he speaks collectively when he asks for Poppo and points in the direction of their house (two houses away from ours).
We owe them more than we can ever re-pay; they are great parents and grandparents. Having finally recovered from my bout of jealousy (stemming from the fact that they are better parents than I will ever be and they raise my son for half of every week), I am sure I can stop and say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!
Having been blessed with a fantastic husband, but he NOT blessed with a job that allows me to stay at home, we have to send Paul over to Poppo's house 3 days a week for 12 hours a day. Daddy and I are lucky to have this option because it allows both of us to work full time and not fear for the safety of our only offspring. Grams and gramps are definitely the next best thing to home, and are actually probably better! I am relieved to know that when he is there he eats healthy, plays hard and learns. One of the most wonderful things they do with P is read to him every day. We read to him at home, too, and between all of us he gets a good deal of reading time in to strengthen his vocabulary and recognition skills. They also take him to the park to walk and look at the ducks, and as you all know, I am a fan of the outdoors. At Poppo's house Paul also gets to visit with his cousins, aunts, etc. on a regular basis. We are often busy, and if it weren't for family time over there my son would probably not be very close to our family. It is overall a great experience for Paul to be in the care of Poppo all day.
I think he lacks some discipline when he visits grams and gramps, but I would rather have that than the potential for abuse or neglect. I trust them with his life and I do not think I would feel that way if he were in a daycare; there is nobody nicer to a baby than one's grandparents.
How about you? SAHM, work part/full time? Who takes care of your little one while you are away and do you trust them completely?

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