Friday, April 4, 2008

Little People

I have brought up the issue of TV before, and have noted that in some cases I do not really mind it, as long as Little P has enough outside time, play with learning toys time, play with regular toys time, play with dog time, etc. If he has exhausted all methods of entertainment and is running through the house like a tornado on steroids, then mommy will resort to The Little People video.

The Little People are FANTASTIC!!! They are kids that live in Discovery City and they have all these "problems" to work through every episode. By problems I mean: looking for a new pet, searching for an old pet, building a farm for the animals loose in the town, building a bike... all sorts of issues that I would be happy to have in my day. They are basically sweet and love everyone, which is cool. Paul loves these guys, and mommy knows that the Little People video is wholesome, even if it is just a huge advertisement for the Little People toys. The best part about them is that Paul is utterly enthralled with them, and will sit still for the entire 20 minutes the video lasts, and another 20 minutes if mommy presses play again... and again...

Have you heard of these little guys? What do you think?

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