Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breakfast with Paul

Morning on mommy's off-work days goes something like this:

"Waa-waa" or vigorously shake the side of the crib if P is in a good mood.

Today P was in a good mood, so...

Shake, shake, shake at 7:00am.

"Mommy is coming, Pa P."

Mommy walks into the room and P is pointing to his Little People toys on the floor.

"Peepo, Peepo."

"Yes, People."

Mommy takes P from his crib and lets him gather up his Little People, just to drop them all again a few minutes later in favor of some other toy.

"Let's go eat breakfast," mommy says.

"EAT, EAT!!!"

"What would you like to eat, P?"

"Mac-a, Mac-a!"

"We are not having macaroni and cheese for breakfast."

"Mac-a, Mac-a," all the way to the kitchen; spots sesame street cup on the counter and changes mantra to "Aahh Aahh Aahh..."

Mommy puts P in high chair and fills Aahh Aahh cup with milk.

Makes P some bananas, peaches and cottage cheese for breakfast, which he enjoys just as much as Mac-a, Mac-a because the kid eats anything.

Mommy checks email, ebay and meetup websites while P is eating... stops to refill cottage cheese, and decides that P deserves a post on mommy's blog because he is such a neat eater...

Mommy has to go now, because Paul has just said "Peeta," which means he wants to play Peek-a-Boo over the counter. And what P wants, P gets... except for Mac-a, Mac-a for breakfast.

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