Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sydney and Tia

Meet Paul's Tia and Sydney. Tia is a fluffy, sassy, Siamese cat and Sydney is a sweet, playful horse... uh, I mean dog.

Little P loves Tia because she mews at everyone and begs for attention and lets P hug and pet her. This is rare with the cats in Paul's life, as the cats at grandma's house mew and run away from him, always sticking around, but staying just out of reach of little fingers. Tia does not do this; she loves Paul, and even slept with him before she took up permanant residence in the laundry room. She does not scratch or bite him either. Such a sweet kitty; even now she is sitting on the back of my chair clawing at my back for attention.

Now Sydney is the real fun. We rescued her from the pound and she has been one of the best pets I have ever owned. She is a giant dog, but she does NOT bark or bite; she asks only for love from everyone. She loves Paul and tolerates him trying to ride her like a horse. He used to just pet her, then he got brave and began hugging her when she was laying down, then he found that she was fun to try to sit on. He has not really ever succeeded in fully sitting on her; by the time he gets one leg over her back she gets up and walks away, only to lay down five feet away and wait for Paul to try it again. She is a very tolerant dog and I am glad I have her to teach Little P compassion and love for animals.

I reccommend pets for little ones... what is your stand on dogs and cats as part of the family?

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