Friday, September 5, 2008

Basket Racing

I think it is funny how all the toys in the world are not as fun as riding down the hallway in a laundry basket. Maybe it is the whooshing, grinding sound as the basket slides down the poor, dry, cracking wood floors; maybe it is the illusion that the basket is going to crash into a wall or door as it careens down sixteen feet of hallway at 1mph; maybe it is the fact the laundry baskets are usually off limits and therefore more fun... whatever the reason, not much gets Little P laughing like this particular game.

I guess this is his version of a roller coaster, as that is the closest thing I can think of that might be so scary and fun at the same time. Perhaps he does not think it is scary at all, but I think if I were being pushed down a hallway in a basket without breaks I would be (besides self-conscious) a little afraid. Little P is not afraid of much, though. I guess that is one of the great things about being a kid; one can discover all the great things in life without being afraid of the dangers... Don't worry, I have enough fear for the both of us. While my brother pushes P around in his makeshift car, I must call out (involuntarily) "be careful," about every five seconds, just to remind him that he has my only, dear, sweet, precious baby in his care (all the while Little P is laughing hysterically).

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Marmarbug said...

Cute idea! And it's true we could spend THOUSANDS on toys but they love the weirdest things!