Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fly Away and Reach the Moon

Paul was playing outside a few minutes ago with uncle James when he came running inside suddenly, saying "mom, reach the moon!"

Uncle James came inside after him and informed me that my son would like me to come outside and get the moon down for him.

For you, baby, I will try.

I went outside and tried to reach it, then I tried to lift him up so he could reach it, then he tried to jump (bounce on his tippy toes) to reach it, but it was just no use. The moon is really far away.

We needed Daddy.

Daddy came out and lifted Paul up to the moon and he still could not grab it. Just too far away. Too bad. The moon is awesome.

Since his Mommy and Daddy failed to get him the moon, Little P decided he would try something else.

"Mommy, fly away reach moon." And my son began flapping his arms and running in circles.

I seriously almost started crying because my son was pretending to fly away. I need to get a life, I know, but it was pretty emotional. I am always astonished by my Little P's ideas and words, and happy that he is learning and becoming independent, but.... my baby!

I am going to go read him Goodnight Moon, and maybe I can keep him with me on the ground a little longer.

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