Saturday, September 27, 2008

When Peanut Grows Up...

He wants to play music. Tonight Daddy and Peanut were playing and Peanut started banging on a tin can like a drum. Uncle James said that he was going to get P a real drum set someday and I said no way. Daddy mentioned that this was not a bad idea, as he could potentially become a star and be famous, rich, etc. Not too bad a future. Then Daddy said that Peanut was probably going to play football and be some giant linebacker, or else a baseball player.

Me: Peanut, do you want to play football or baseball?

Peanut: No, thanks.

Me: Do you want to play music?

Peanut: OK!!! (resumes banging on the can)

Daddy: Great. Son, you're going to be in the band? Not cool.(just kidding)

Later, Little P wanted to play Uncle James' guitar, so he got to pluck the strings on that for a while before going to bed. He had a great time and was quite upset when it was time to put the guitar away. We are all for nurturing Peanut's musical side; I just hope he is more coordinated than I was in that area. I played the flute for several years in elementary school, but I was never any good at keeping time on my own and songs usually got jumbled up when I practiced. Daddy did not play instruments in school, but he has a great voice and can sing well when he wants to. Hopefully Peanut takes after Daddy!


wright said...

I was in the band (yes, I am a dork!) and the drummer were always the cool ones!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Having a musical talent is really great. I can't sing to save my life and neither can the spouse, but my daughters enjoy belting out rhymes and songs.

Peanut looked too cute with the oversized (for him) guitar.