Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacation Time

I am exhausted! It is so much work for this family to go on vacation, it is almost not worth the effort... almost. Every year we go to Lawson's Landing at Dillon Beach and camp on the freezing cold, windy, sandy seaside. It's awesome! Daddy has been going all his life, and I have been going for the last nine years, as I have thrown myself heartily into this family tradition. We went for a couple days in July with just a few people, but our big get-together happens every year in September. It used to be just a matter of throwing a few things together and grabbing the tent, but now that Little P has joined the family and is not a tiny baby, a lot more preparation and planning is necessary. I think I told you back in July that we went and we forgot Peanut's sippy cup and therefore the night from Hell ensued. I will not make that mistake again, and I am trying to be over prepared without going overboard; there is a delicate balance that must be met.

Anyway, I have been packing all day and cleaning house (I hate coming home to a messy house after spending three days in the dirt), and I am so tired. Hopefully I will get to relax for a few minutes after we get there and set everything up, but somehow I think I will end up chasing P the whole time again. Oh well, that's what mommies do, right?

I will hopefully have some great pics of Paul at the beach to show you when we get back.

See ya!

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Dawn said...

Sounds exhausting and exciting at the same time! Vacationing with a toddler is a lot of work, but you'll all have so much fun! Looking forward to vacation pics!