Wednesday, September 17, 2008


While we were camping last weekend I had to take extreme measures getting my Peanut to go to sleep at night. By extreme measures I mean I took a flashlight that we had in the tent and showed Little P his shadow. He loved it! We looked at the baby and mommy on the tent wall, made shadow figures with our hands (well, I did, anyway), and generally had a great time.

And now he is obsessed with his shadow. He walks around the house or outside, and if he catches sight of his shadow he must point at it or give it a kiss or a sip of milk from his cup. He loves how it looks just like him, only stranger, and gets bigger or smaller depending on his distance from it. It is totally impossible to explain the mechanics of a shadow to a two year old, so I am going to just let him enjoy the magic of it while I laugh and laugh.

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