Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We went to Little P's aunt and uncle's house today to hang out, since we have not been there in a long time (which is just awful because we only live 20 minutes from them). We all had a great time swimming and watching movies and playing with the dog door... well, only Little P had fun with the dog door, but if P is having fun, we are all having fun.

Aunt Becky made Chili Rellenos for dinner, and it was most fantastic; if I could cook half as well as her I would be pleased; her meals are truly scrumptious.

It was nice to go and visit and to take some time out from fixing the house and working, and Mike and Becky's house is truly a sanctuary. I wish we could spend more time there, but life calls and there are things that need to get done before we can play.

I hope everyone had a peaceful and safe Labor Day, whether you had the day off or had to work.

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Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Brandy,

Loved the pix of lil P, and his I-no-want/I-want attitude. A real handful (as peanuts are wont to be!).

Thanks for the cookie-recipe and also for visiting my blog.