Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're Back.... phew!

Our vacation was totally exhausting, as usual. We had fun catching up with friends and family and meeting new people, and Paul had fun playing in the "sand box." My son's dream is to live outside, I am sure, and that dream pretty much came true for him this weekend. He woke up promptly at 7 every day and was outside playing in the sand less than 30 minutes later; he refused to even consider laying down until it was dark outside, and even then it was under extreme duress. I will not bore you with all the busy details, but here are a few pics of our get together this weekend.
I will tell you about my single bad experience, which has never happened before and I cannot believe the whole scene took place at all.
We drive up to the registration booth and I get out of the car and walk happily up to the window to get our registration sheet.
Check in Lady (C.L.): Hi, fill this out (referring to the registration paper).
Me: OK
C.L.: Does your tent trailer have an N.C. tank?
Me: What's that?
C.L.: A toilet or sink and a tank for them to drain into?
Me: Oh. No.
C.L.: Are you sure?
Me: I have used it lots of times. There is no toilet. If there was, this trip would be loads better.
C.L.: It is important to dump your gray water in designated areas.
Me: I will remember that for when we have a toilet, which this trailer does not.
C.L.: So, your trailer does not have an N.C. tank.
Me: No, it doesn't.
I go back to the car to write down the license plate numbers of the trailer and car, then go back with our money to pay for our stay. Another lady has joined the first in the booth.
C.L.: So, I just want to ask one more time if your trailer has an N.C. tank.
Me: (trying not to blow up at this lady) No, like I said before, if we had a sink and toilet I think I would know.
C.L #2: We are just trying to make sure people know that it is against the law to dump gray water in the campsite.
Me: Well, if I had a tank, I would not empty it here, but we don't.
C.L#2: are you sure?
Me: (At this point I am just staring at the both of them. Why do they keep asking me this? Do I look like I am going to purposely going to dump toilet water all over Dillon Beach? Do I look like the kind of person who would not know if her tent trailer had a toilet. I am not sure what the interrogation is about, so I just ignore the question and give them the money)
C.L.#1: (Gives me my change) Just remember that it is against the law to dump in the campground.
Me: What the hell? I swear to you we do not have any tank and will not be dumping nasty water in the campground.
C.L.#2: (Gives me a paper) Here are the rules for the campground. Make sure you read them because there is really important information regarding preserving our land.
Me: OK, thanks.
I am so pissed about this and proceed to yell at Daddy that I just want to go home, and what are these ladies thinking? I have nenver been given the campground rules and interrogated before. Daddy says maybe they did the same thing to everyone, but we got to our space and asked our fellow campers about this. Nobody else got a paper or lecture, and every single one of them has a toilet/sink/shower in their giant RV. We have a stupid little tent trailer and we get a lecture, but people who actually have the opportunity to dump gray water or ruin the environment by bringing their entire houses camping with them do not get one word, not to mention a paper with the rules. Why pick on me? No idea. Anyway, after that the rest of the trip was great. I think I was mostly upset because these ladies hurt my feelings; they obviously thought I looked like someone who does not care about the environment. I do not have a clue as to why they would think that, but I hate being judged on any level and I just wanted to cry. Lame, I know, but geez. I just wanted to go and have a good time at this lovely campsite. If I was the kind of person who wrote letters, I would write a letter; but I am not, so I will just let my feelings be hurt and vent to you....

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Dawn said...

I think that lady at registration would have put me over the edge, too, but I'm glad it didn't ruin your vacation.

If Paul ever gets his wish and starts living outside permanently, he can call my son and they could be roommates!