Thursday, October 16, 2008


That is the sound the door of my car made this morning when a freakin' truck ran into it. Let me just tell you that this crunching sound is even more scary when you are directly on the other side of the crunching, and the only thing separating you from the the bumper of a truck is the door currently crunching in. Nice.

That is the dramatic version. Now, here is what happened. I got a $10 off coupon for Best Buy, and since we have a lovely new Best Buy here in town, I decided to go there and get the Leona Lewis CD I have been wanting (but not wanting to spend $14 on). So I got a new CD for $4 (which is about what CD's should cost anyway).

And the day was happy.

Then I had to go to Kmart because they had an ad in the paper last weekend and I wanted to see if the shoe organizer I wanted was still on sale. It wasn't, but that is OK, because I really did not need it, I just wanted it if it was cheap.

And the day was still happy.

Then I had to go to Safeway to get coffee creamer and a few other food type items. I ran in while uncle James and Peanut sat in the car listening to my lovely new CD. I grabbed my creamer, a new toothbrush, some dried fruit for Peanut and I was out of there. Record time in the grocery store.

And the day was quite happy.

I got back into the car, looked behind me and waited for a guy to walk behind the car before pulling out. So far, so good. I pulled out of my space and had just started to put the car in drive when suddenly the back of a truck is headed straight for my face. My brain hoped for a tenth of a second that the truck would see me and stop, but there was not time to finish the thought before the crunching told me that stopping was not going to be an option for this driver.

And the day was NOT happy!

It turned very sad, very quickly.

I pulled back into my space and got out my insurance info, we traded stuff, I took some pics with my phone and then we went home to call the insurance company. The man was very nice on the phone, and when I talked to Daddy he said it was all good, too. So, I am currently calming myself down. I am not so much upset about the accident as I am about my car. My beautiful little car was not in mint condition before today, but I am never happy when something big happens to something I still owe so much money on! I am glad I actually witnessed this accident, though. My car has two other nasty dents and some pretty bad scrapes from three other cars smashing into mine in parking lots while I was at work; and of course, nobody thought to leave any insurance info when those happened. At least I can get this one fixed, and nobody was hurt; I guess it's all good. Still, upsetting. Just thought I would share.

Peanut and I are off to a play date at a friend's house... wish us luck on the road!


U can't right this...... said...

Wow what a day, what did Paul think? Are all of his cars crashing into each other now? Anyway glad to hear that you are safe and sound.

Marmarbug said...

ACK! How scary! I would have been freaked out! Glad you are okay.

Dawn said...

What a way to ruin a day, but I'm SO HAPPY that you are all safe!

Hope your day gets better...