Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkins and PJs

It's Halloween and here's what we are up to: nothing. Peanut was supposed to be batman, but it is a little too cold for those pajamas, plus he got new Thomas PJs and a robe today because it is freezing in my house and short sleeves just will not cut it anymore. Daddy brought home some electric pumpkins that he and Little P are currently placing all over the living room in an attempt to decorate for the festive evening. It is sort of difficult to get into the spirit when we live on a very busy road that does not get any trick-or-treaters due to the danger of being hit by a speeding car, but Daddy is making a good attempt at decorating. We are currently watching Oswald on NOGGIN and this catchy little Halloween tune came on. It is stuck in my head now; awesome.
Have a safe and happy Halloween!


wright said...

I love the PJs and that your hubby is decorating for Halloween!

wright said...

I'm not sure what your email address is, but I wanted tolet you know that if you repost your comment/advice about taking care of a sick child on my giveaway post, then you would be entered into the contest to win the iPod.