Monday, October 20, 2008

This is Soooo Not Cool

So, we knew we were going to have to redo the floor in our "master" bathroom soon, and probably replace some of the structural wood in the shower because of Dry Rot. Not too big an issue, but something we would have to work on soon. Daddy found this contractor that needed some work (big surprise with this economy), and decided to hire him to do the work. I am so glad, because our little bit of structural damage turned into a HUGE project! Oh my gosh, I do not know how the shower was still functioning. I cannot believe it did not cave in on us and we did not fall through the floor. The walls were rotted all the way around and the floor was completely ruined by very extensive water damage. By the time Mike (the contractor) finished removing the rotten wood (for today) we ended up with no walls and barely any floor. There are large holes in the bathroom floor; I can see the dirt under my house. That is something I never wanted to see, ever. Bottom line, we need a new everything in the bathroom, and we are so glad we hired someone to help us this time! Hopefully this will not take too long to finish. In the meantime I will just chant the mantra that I have chanted since we first started pouring sweat and tears and money into this house:

"I love my house. I love my house. I love my house"


Sherry said...

yep very nice bathroom now there hehehe lookds like a lot of work i bet it will be nice after and you feel much safter in a bathroom that wont through you through the floor.

Never give up said...

Looks like my bathroom a few years ago when we remodeled it. I've done some floor tile work. If you need some help, let me know. I work for food and beer!

U can't right this...... said...

Schmidty works for corndogs! That's too true! Atleast you have a house and aren't in renter hell! Sometimes its better..sometimes its worse! Go figure. :) Just keep going...I will love my house..someday!