Thursday, October 2, 2008

Folsom Premium Outlets (a.k.a. Disneyland)

The good thing about me working 12 hour days is that I have lots of days off to spend at home with my Peanut.
The bad thing about me working 12 hour days is that I have lots of days off to spend with my Peanut. Not that I do not love to spend every second with my baby, but we (read: I) get bored sitting at home; that means we have to go out and find things to do that do not require spending too much money while keeping both of us entertained. We spend most of our time playing outside at home, but when I simply cannot look at my yard anymore I decide we must go out. We go to the park a lot, and we still play with some of our friends from my old baby group, but sometimes I really want to go shopping. Peanut does not generally like shopping, but he has been going with me since he was two days old, so he knows what to expect and he tolerates it pretty well. Today we went to the Folsom Premium Outlets to play. We have been here lots of times, as I used to work for Famous Footwear at the Outlet store, and Peanut loves to go and visit all of our old friends. Today we did something a little different than just shopping; we went all over the center and Paul got to play in all of the little rides.

I put him in one and put in 50 cents, but he actually did not like when the car moved, and asked to go find another one. We went to another car and he played in it for about 15 minutes (not running) before asking to get out. I thought that would be the end of our little adventure, but we passed another car (there are about fifteen of these things around the mall) and he had to play in it. So, we came to a truce. Mommy would get to look around a store, but then we had to go play on a ride. One ride for every store, and mommy got to look around as long as she wanted, but Little P also got to play for as long as he wanted without me telling him it was time to move on. He did not whine at me, and I did not whine at him. We were there for four hours. When it was clear that we were both tired we walked back to the car and my Peanut had a meltdown because he was leaving the "cars". I mean a giant meltdown, to where he was hyperventilating and still whimpering after he fell asleep (about 10 minutes after we started driving). I think one should only throw a fit like that when leaving Disneyland, but then I thought: Food, shopping, rides, lots of people... The Outlets are the Happiest Place on Earth!

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