Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Love Chickens

Tonight I was making waffles for dinner (yes, I am lame that way sometimes and cannot prepare a decent dinner for the family), and as I was getting out the eggs I started singing this little ditty I made up: "I love chickens, I love chickens..." I cannot carry a tune to save my life, so I figure that if I feel like singing out loud, the lyrics may as well be as interesting as the voice belting them out. Anyway, I was zipping around the kitchen singing and a few moments later I hear Peanut outside singing "I wuv Chick-ins, I wuv Chick-ins, too!"

Glad what I was singing was innocent, because Peanut was nowhere in sight when I made up that song, and an hour later... he is STILL singing it!


Never give up said...

Mmmmmmm! I love breakfast for dinner!

Marmarbug said...

There is nothing wrong with waffles for dinner!

Dawn said...

We love waffles for dinner! Little King David loves anything that can be dipped in ketchup or pancake syrup, so this meal would be a winner in our house!