Friday, October 24, 2008

Son, It's Too Early...

I guess I bring this on myself, but it has been a long morning, and the sun is just now coming up. Right now, as I write this; I have been up for three hours already. I got up at 4 to go work out. Fine, no big deal. I came home, washed the dishes and took Uncle James to work. At 6:15 I got home and was just sitting down to read my book until Peanut got up when... Peanut got up! At 6:15. I scooped him out of his car bed and took him to my room to lay down with Daddy and I, hoping he would fall back asleep (miracles do happen). It was nice and dark and quiet for five minutes.

Peanut: "Hi, Mommy."

Me: "Hi, Baby."

Peanut: "Hi, Daddy."

Daddy: "Hi, Peanut."

Peanut: "Give me your hand, Mommy."

I hold my hand up in the dark... somehow he finds it (I think he may have infrared vision)

Peanut: "High Five, Mommy!!!"

Me: Sighs.

I guess it is time to wake up, since Daddy then gets a high five and Little P tries to climb over us to get down.

It is 7:22am. We have already played dinosaurs, taken a bath, gotten dressed, eaten breakfast (Kiwi, string cheese, dried cranberries, milk and a marshmallow)

I am not sure where he learned about marshmallows, but he talked about eating one the entire time he was taking a bath. He must have been dreaming of them.

I am going to make some coffee.


Debbie said...

I think there is some kind of natural law that says the younger you are the more "side awake" you wake up in the morning!

Hope your day turns out as beautiful as that sky.

wright said...

Ugh - those early mornings are killers. I try not to get Ally until 8. But sometimes there is no stopping her from jumping up in the crib and demanding to be set free to play.