Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time to Call in the Tile Guy

The new shower has been framed and is almost ready for whatever we are going to do with it. First we have to decide where the plumbing is going to go, and we have to go pick out the tile. We looked at shower inserts a couple days ago, but I think we have decided that the shower would lose too much space (which is not enough to begin with). We are going to tile it, but we are going to have to enlist some help for this part. Good thing one of my friends from work knows how to do this stuff and has offered to help out; we are going to need it!
Before we do anything to actually make the bathroom look nice, we are going to have to finish tearing it apart. This afternoon I will be tearing up the floor, and (if I can talk Daddy into it) I will be removing the awful green tile from the walls. I would love to tile the walls as well, but I would settle for new drywall, texture and paint. I do not think we can tile the shower and floor and leave the rest of the bathroom the way it is. That's just wrong.
Anyway, I am going to work out and then come back and try to get Daddy up and ready for a trip to Home Depot and Lowes. Yeah! One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday.

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wright said...

I'm sure it will be great once you get it all finished. Have fun at HD and Lowes.