Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I came home from a very dramatic and hectic day at work with a nasty headache and an empty tummy, and while I am still not feeling great, Daddy did a great job of taking care of me in his own special way (making me two cheese tortillas, a quarter of a peach and two Ibuprofen with a glass of water). I feel just good enough to tell you all that I also came home from work to a son who can count to three and make his own decisions; he is almost ready to move out on his own, I think. Oh wait, he just pushed his shopping cart into the hearth and bumped his nose on it, so he needs a hug...... Maybe he needs me a little longer (just for boo boos and dinner, anyway).

Tonight he got ready for his bath by throwing away his own diaper and putting his dirty laundry in the hamper; then he asked for soap and washed his legs in the bath, splashed around a little, and climbed out without me telling him it was time.

After his bath, Little P played with uncle James and Daddy for a little bit, and I heard him through my pain-filled ears and clinched teeth count to three before jumping onto Daddy off the coffee table. It was very cute and so much fun to hear him counting and calculating his jump. Nearly every week I say how amazed I am at his development. It is so amazing to realize every day how smart toddlers are to pick up language, gestures and thoughts so easily. He has begun to play and use what he has learned to make his own games, instead of simply playing with something out of curiosity. I am so excited for him and I love to watch his face light up when he realizes he can do or say something he could not do the day before.

It is Little P's bed time, so we are going to lay down, but I thought I would share my happiness at my little man's progress, and share some pictures of this little ham as well!

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