Thursday, August 14, 2008


Holy Cow! Check this out!

If it was me instead of my baby this lump appeared on I might be a little less freaked out and think this was kind of awesome. I would have been bawling like a baby if this was me, but P cried just a little when it happened and did most of his crying when I tried to keep ice on it (I knew that was going to be impossible because he hates stuff on his face). This happened about and hour ago, and he just now fell asleep. I think it is safe to let him sleep, since it was just a bonk and not a concussion or something. I am going to keep a close eye on him, anyway. He was trying to sit in his chair, but instead he flipped over in it and landed right into the corner of the coffee table (no, I do not have bumpers everywhere; yes, I feel like a crappy mom right now).


Kat said...

Yowch! Don't beat yourself up about the coffee table, just when you think you've kid proofed the house, they always find the one thing still hard to run into/trip over/fall on. It's murphy's law or something.

Maybe we could bubble wrap them.

PBandJ said...

I am all for bubble wrap!!!

Dawn said...

Ouch! You shouldn't feel like a crappy mom because we can't possibly protect our darlings from every danger. Just last week, my own toddler gave himself the same lump on his eye while throwing a tantrum at Olive Garden. We all live and learn!