Monday, August 25, 2008

Bath Time

Last night I decided to give Little P a bath; not that he is not clean, he just usually takes a shower instead of a bath. I started giving Little P showers when we he was about 10 months old for lots of reasons. When we moved into this house I thought P might have some trouble sleeping in a new place, so I popped him into the shower with Daddy so he could feel loved and get clean at the same time before going to bed. He relaxed automatically and slept all night. I immediately thought showers were wonderful. I also liked to give him showers because it uses less water than the bath, overall, and he can still play with his toys and probably not drown. The main reason I started giving him showers was so that I could have one, too! I realized very quickly after we moved that grams and gramps were not in the house to babysit while I took a shower, so it was both of us or nothing. Paul loves the water, though, and does not care if it is pooled or raining down on him, as long as he is playing in it.

He does, on occasion, take it upon himself to go into the back bathroom and climb into the bathtub, calling for me to "get water," "get bubbles" and "take bath." I cannot resist when he does it, and I must give in.

As much as I like to give him showers with me, I have to wonder if he is missing out on something by not taking a bath. Is it essential that he splashes in the bathwater and eats bubbles? Is this a childhood right of passage, or does it not matter so much as long as he gets clean? What do you think? Bath or shower? Does it matter?

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Dawn said...

My little guy LOVES to take showers! He didn't even take his first bath until he was a couple of months old. I'd much rather spend time cuddling with a soft, wet, naked baby than worrying about my wriggling toddler trying to stand up in the bubble bath without slipping and cracking his head open on the tub faucet. Showers rule!!!

P.S. love the pink tile!