Saturday, August 16, 2008


We were supposed to go to the zoo yesterday in order to teach our son about the wonderful animals of the world and expose him to the beauty of nature. Instead it turned out to be 3000 degrees outside, so we went shopping and Daddy let me buy a new laptop. Awesome!

My argument for it was that it was on a really great sale ($180 off), it had awesome graphics and memory, it was way faster, it would stay connected to the wireless internet better, and our old laptop was almost five years old. Daddy's argument against it was that we have property taxes to save for, a home to remodel/repair, and our computer was perfectly fine, even though it was built right before dinosaurs were extinct.

My counter-argument was that I needed something better for my blogging and we needed something better for movies/internet/pictures, etc, plus I really liked it. Daddy's argument to that was that I always have to get something new and it always has to be expensive and brand new (which is almost, but not entirely, true), and shouldn't we be saving our money.

I acknowledged that saving money is good, but... PLEASE!!!

Since my husband is the best husband on the Earth, I am typing this post on my beautiful new computer that has such a lovely screen and keyboard and does not disconnect from the internet in the middle of my posting. I love it!

So, could I have spent the money on something for the house or kept it in savings? Absolutely.

Am I just a little selfish for wanting a functional laptop instead? Probably.

Do I have buyer's remorse? Not an ounce!

Thank you, my dearest husband, for putting up with me!

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wright said...

YEA! Congrats on the new laptop. I'm sure it was worth every penny!