Thursday, August 14, 2008


In an effort to save my furniture from crayon/chalk/marker improvements (as Little P would call them, as everything needs a little color in his opinion), we bought an Aqua Doodle mat today. The contraption uses water inside a sponge-tipped pen, and a "magic" mat that turns blue when it comes in contact with the water. When the water marks dry the mat turns white again, so it can be used over and over again. Awesome, since it saves paper, too. It is keeping Paul busy right now, and hopefully he does not lose interest too quickly, since at $18 it is a little pricey. He loves to color, so it should be something he keeps among his most played with toys, but we'll see.

I have been cleaning house and doing laundry today, which has been my normal Thursday routine for the last few weeks. I love a clean house, but cleaning up and doing laundry after three boys is not easy. It takes pretty much the whole day to deep clean the house, no matter how well I keep it picked up during the rest of the week. I get a pretty good workout from scrubbing and bending and vacuuming, but I also just feel happy when I am cleaning. Kind of creepy, I know, to be actually enjoying housework, but nothing puts me in my happy place like cleaning, especially if I have some groovin' music on and lots of clean rags to work with. One thing I hate to clean is windows, though, and I am sorry to say that I have only washed the windows in this house once since we moved here (almost a year ago), and that was after someone else really cleaned them, first. We have giant eaves all around the house that are filled with spiders and webs, and there are usually some nasty spiders hanging out on the windows, so I stay away from them as much as possible. Sometimes I will take the hose and spray them off, but other than that they are neglected.

Another thing that is neglected at my house lately is the fish tank. It is clean enough, but the water is quite evaporated and it is only about half full right now. Poor guys. I promise I will go to the store this afternoon and buy some water conditioner so I can fill it up again. I have to buy groceries, anyway.

Well, I would love to continue my rambling post about nothing, but the dryer is buzzing and Paul is Aqua Doodling the sofa... good thing it is just water. Oh, he has moved on to chewing on the sponge. Nice. See ya!

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