Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny Guys

We went to the auction yard/flea market in Roseville yesterday to look around, just for something to do. We could have stayed home and worked on our house, but it was just too nice to stay indoors, and we are too cheap and boring to do anything more entertaining. The auction is fun, mostly because you can see things that you never knew existed, and wonder how on earth people came to possess these items, and why they would sell such fascinating conversation pieces. We hardly ever actually come across anything we need there, but one can spend an entire day treasure hunting... or, if you have a child, you can spend an hour speed walking through the isles so the kid does not get bored in the stroller.

We were looking for a runner for our hallway (to try to muffle the sound of the squeaky wood floors that mommy walks on at 4:30am while getting ready for work), and just generally browsing, when Little P started laughing and pointing and saying "Funny Guys!!!" I asked him what was funny, and he pointed again and said "Funny Guys!" I looked around, and for the life of me could not find anything that could be considered the least bit funny, but he kept laughing and pointing, so we strolled him in the general direction of his pointing. There, in the midst of stacks of socks and t-shirts was a headless mannequin sporting blue jeans and a fancy bra.

I had completely forgotten that Little P has mannequins right at the top of his list of stuff that is totally hilarious. We were at the mall a couple of months ago, and that is where P got his first glimpse of these funky people standing in the display windows. He loved them! I guess, to a baby, headless and/or armless folks that stood completely still would either be really scary or really funny. I am glad that Paul chose the latter, because it made mommy's day to hear him laughing and talking in his Paulinese/English mix about the "Funny People."

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U can't right this...... said...

I want to play image with Paul too. I wonder what type of adventure we would go on? That is if I ever get off graves and weekends, yuk.