Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stickers and Spiders

Little P has discovered stickers and has been sticking them everywhere! On Mommy, Daddy, Uncle James, dog, toilet, floor and, of course, himself. What a goofball.

Now he is playing golf and singing the "Daddy" song. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, golf, golf!"

Earlier, while I was at work, Daddy killed a monster Black Widow right outside Paul's bedroom window. It had to be big if Daddy thought it was big, because he usually tells me how tiny every spider is before squashing it's guts out for me. He said this one had stretched a web from the eaves to the bush under Paul's window, which is about SEVEN FEET! Not just a string or two, but a giant web! It was trying to catch a bird for dinner, apparently, or maybe my cat or child. If I had been in the backyard to see that I would have FREAKED!!! Right by my tiny little man's window? That we keep open every night? Oh my GOSH!
Someday, as soon as I am rich, I am going to call an exterminator to rid my house of every nasty bug on my acre, especially the spiders!

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