Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our First Visit to the ER

Paul fell down last night and managed to split his eyelid open; it did not bleed much and Little P did not cry much, but it looked deep and nasty enough to me that I thought he might need stitches. Great.

The whole process was pretty quick, for the ER, and our entire trip took less than 2 hours, so it was worth it, in my book. After Paul climbed on all the furniture in the waiting room and struggled with the Triage Nurse trying to take his blood pressure, temperature and weight, we got to see the doctor, who pulled and stretched my little guy's eyelid around to look at the cut. He said he did not think it needed stitches, but recommended gluing it closed, or just leaving it to drain and heal on it's own (but there would be a bigger scar). I did not want to risk a bigger scar, nor did I want to have to worry about what might get into (or drain out of) this slit while it healed, so I asked if we could try the glue process. It was pretty simple; Daddy and I held Little P down while the doctor basically put super glue on my son's face. Two minutes later I was calming down a hysterical baby while we walked back to the car. I do not think it hurt him as much as he just hated having to hold completely still for a couple minutes.

He is totally fine this morning, except for the yucky red gash on his eye (I think he is determined to put his eye out before he is two). He woke up this morning and demanded that we take off the hospital registration bracelet, then went right back to running around.

The registration lady at the ER looked at Little P last night and said "we are going to get to know this little one really well..." I hope she is wrong, and while I do not want to hover over Little P too much, I think I need to be on my toes a little more so he does not get hurt.


Dawn said...

As the mother of a toddler, the first ER visit is my greatest fear! You handled it well and thank goodness he didn't need stitches. I think it's always better to be safe than sorry, and I'm glad they were able to patch him up with a little glue!

P.S. remember that it's not your fault. no matter how vigilant we are, some of our little guys are just determined to hurt themselves!

Chicinmudd said...

Oh no. I'm glad he's okay. You didn't try telling him that he was getting super glue put on his head. Most kids gets yelled at for trying to do that at home. Glad it wasn't too traumatizing for all of you. And now you know he's got a really tough head.