Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm back... for a minute

Holy Cow!

Sorry I have been away so long; I have been locked away in Forks, Washington with Bella and Edward for the last three days, and I will be there for the next few hours as well. I have almost finished reading the Twilight series, and they have been moved to the bookshelf in my living room reserved for only my most beloved books! If there is anyone in blog land that has not read these books yet, I suggest you get to it. You will not regret one word of it, although you may become swamped with chores, lose a few pounds for lack of eating, and suffer sleep deprivation because you feel the need to stay up until 3am to finish each book. I managed to pull myself away last night to make dinner for my family, and again this morning to make breakfast and wash the dishes, but every spare second has been spent reading. How wonderful. I love long weekends.

Anyway, the real world has not been that interesting (from what I could tell from peeking over the top of my book once in a while to watch Daddy and Uncle James playing with Little P), so I do not have much to report. Paul is talking more and more every day, and speaks in mostly English sentences now. His new favorite phrase is "Come on, Mom" when he wants me to go somewhere with him. Also, when something is not going his way he says "Mom, this not working!!!"

Daddy put up some shelves for me because I was running out of room for books, and that got him motivated enough to put a few of the baseboards on in the living room (we have been here almost a year and we do not have this finished yet...) He said maybe next weekend he will build me some more bookshelves on the other side of the living room with my still-good-but-not-so-favorite books, so I can continue to add to my collection. I would be happy if he just finished the baseboards by the end of the year, but more shelves is nice.

We worked in the yard on Wednesday before I started reading, and Little P was pretty innovative with trying to get some leftover plums off a tree. He could not reach the branches, so he decided to try and whack the plums off with his plastic rake. Good idea, but who teaches him this stuff? I am pretty sure he has only ever seen me pick fruit with my hands, but whatever, as long as he is using his little brain. I think I might make it outside to plant some Chrysanthemums today, but I need to finish my book before I do that, so I am going back to that right now... See ya!

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